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extreme sports Ard

 Doing some kind of extreme sport in the Judean Desert is undoubtedly a fascinating and exciting thing. Participating in adventure sports in the desert region is a wonderful opportunity in nature, which brings you excitement and fills you with well-being.

One of the most popular options in the area is mountain biking. The steep climbs and panoramic routes,  by spectacular passages   and magnificent views that are revealed above the peaks. Mountain biking in the desert offers both physical and mental challenges, a perfect combination of extreme and nature.

If you are looking for something with a little less adrenaline, there is the option of trekking in the Judean desert. A trek in open areas is a great opportunity to experience excitement and face the natural challenges of the desert. You will be able to walk through sandy soils next to a wadi of streams, and discover amazing animals and plants that are not common elsewhere.

Another fascinating option is rock climbing in the Judean desert. Hollows, caves and peaks can serve as the perfect environment for challenging and exciting climbing systems. You can have fun and face your physical and mental limits, and reach inaccessible places without rappelling.

The challenging sport in the desert can be combined with other experiences such as horse riding, riding in jeeps or running in the field, the possibilities are many and excitement is guaranteed.

Therefore, if you feel like a real adventure, and to be proud of your physical and mental ability, trying the challenging sport in the Judean Desert is the perfect choice for you. 

You don't have equipment, looking for a guide? Contact us and we will be happy to help :)

Bicycle tours in the field 
Jeep tours
טיולי אופניים
טיולי ג'פ

Bicycle trips in the Judean desert are a wonderful experience that combines an exciting sports activity with an observation of incredible landscapes like no other. The Judean Desert is a place where you can see a spectacular panoramic view, with hill springs and open areas where steep slopes and sharp descents alternate. On a bike trip in the desert, you can experience the challenge and excitement of riding on complicated trails and capture the special landscape that spreads around you. Bike trips in the desert give a feeling where our atzami grind is strengthened. Riding in open and complicated areas requires facing challenges and ensuring control of the bike. When you manage to control and deal with the difficult routes, the feeling of success and self-control is powerful and exciting. In the desert you will be able to connect with nature and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beginning. The soul clears up and the pleasant spirits accompany you at every moment. A bike trip in the desert is an excellent option for those looking for time to be quiet and disconnect from the daily race. If you like cycling and want to experience spectacular natural beauty, a trip to the desert by bike is exactly the right choice.

Don't have any riding equipment? Talk to us!!!

איור המדמה אדמה

4x4 jeep trips can make the experience even more fun and exciting than a normal trip. The 4x4 jeep allows a sense of freedom and access to places that are not accessible to normal vehicles. You will be able to spend time on a deserted beach, take advantage of paths and travel in spectacular places. A ride in a 4x4 jeep gives an amazing adrenaline experience. Those with the appropriate skills can face challenges such as steep descents, steep ascents and winding paths. Jeep tours will undoubtedly excite your senses and bring you even closer to nature. On 4x4 jeep trips you can enjoy spectacular natural landscapes from the base of Arad: a wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful desert, steep mountains, flowing streams and many other spectacular landscapes that you will get to see during the trip. In the great outdoors you can enjoy peace of mind. If you are looking for a place to rest and relax, a trip in a 4x4 jeep is exactly the right choice. When you travel by jeep, you have a great opportunity to capture the beauty of nature on camera. Passengers are in the center of nature and get an optimal view for taking unique photos.

Don't have a 4x4 vehicle? No problem! Michal Peretz, a guide by profession and has been involved in tourism for 25 years, owns a jeep with a license to transport passengers for hire with a great passion for travel and organizes jeep tours.

Contact us for details and orders!!! 

איור המדמה אדמה

Rock climbing is really fun and amazing! It is a type of activity that offers you to face physical and mental challenges at the same time. There is something relaxing and refreshing about climbing the rocks, and you can feel mental gain and immense excitement while climbing. 

In addition to being fun, rock climbing also gives you the opportunity to get to know  and discover new places and spectacular views. There is nothing like being excited by the surprises that await you, new routes and adventures that you have anticipated in advance.

Beyond that, rock climbing is excellent exercise for body and mind. In order to progress in climbing, one needs to be physically strong and invest in training that improves physical fitness, cultivates stable abilities and self-control, and enriches the ability to deal with mental challenges such as planning and solving problems in changing conditions.

So let's pamper ourselves and experience the fun of rock climbing that I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment.

ATV trips

Off-road motorcycle trips is a spectacular experience,  Riding dirt bikes gives a unique feeling of freedom and indulgence. With the help of the motorcycle, you can travel quickly and reach any path or terrain you choose without restrictions. You can choose the routes and travel as you wish, while experiencing A real challenge that manages to reflect your physical and mental abilities. Dealing with difficult transitions, steep slopes and winding paths requires full control of the motorcycle. The one who succeeds in these challenges undoubtedly feels  A unique feeling of success and self-control. all the way You can enjoy tiresome observations of pastoral and special landscapes. The beauty of nature is made extraordinary by the steep mountains, the mysterious streams and the open fields in the Judean desert, all of which you can capture in an exceptional way with off-road motorcycles. Riding a dirt bike is also an exciting social experience. It's an amazing thing to travel with friends or a group of motorcycle lovers and experience the adrenaline together. The shared experience improves friendships, shapes shared memories and can create unforgettable moments.

When it comes to dirt bike trips, the motorcycle is the perfect vehicle!

טיולי אופנועי שטח
איור המדמה אדמה
איור המדמה אדמה
A trip to the Judean desert
טיולי מדבר יהודה

The Judean Desert, a stunning place whose warm colors and almost imaginary landscape leave a deep impression on the heart. The beauty of taking a trip in the Judean desert is a perfect combination of nature and spirit.

During the trip, you can be excited by the variety of amazing landscapes that are revealed to you. The tall and orderly rocks, spectacular peaks and valleys offer magnificent views that cannot be forgotten.

If you like hiking, the Judean Desert offers many and varied routes. You can walk through the green lawns of the Horesh of the Forties, climb the beautiful peaks of the Ramon Crater, or explore the mysterious caves in the Masada area.

If you prefer an even more refreshing experience, you can climb the  the mountains and move among the fantastic paths in the place. Riding between the rocks and valleys at the butterfly's pace will give you not only a unique view of the landscape, but also a spiritual and exciting experience.

Not only nature affects the beauty of the Judean desert, but also its culture and history. In the magnificent nature reserves you can find remnants of the glorious history of the land of Israel, such as  Ancient cities and ancient synagogues.

Whether you are looking for relaxation and peace, adventures in nature or renewal of energy, the trip to the Judean Desert will provide you with all this and more.

Would you like to travel with a wonderful guide? Talk to us!!!

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