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A meeting point for desert sports enthusiasts

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Extreme Sports Arad

We offer you a variety of desert trips, cross-country runs, abseiling, cycling, motorcycles, ATVs and jeeps.
The house includes secure parking spaces (some of which are hidden on the outside) for dirt bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, trailers and jeeps. The security includes perimeter security cameras (analytics), an alarm that includes a volume detector and tread strips, lighting, anchored tying chains, call center services and patrolling by team 3.
The house offers accommodation solutions, trips, guidance, guidance for families and groups, in all branches of challenging trips in the desert and the Dead Sea region.
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קו שטח


desert bird

Desert Bird organizes guided jeep tours, which provide a special field experience, with the jeeps we reach the depths of the desert to magical places, ridges, pools and breathtaking views. Rappelling, or various activities, as well as outdoor meals can be combined during the trip. With one jeep or in a long convoy, sunrise or sunset trips, moonlight trips, all that's left is to choose a route and get ready to be excited. All jeeps have a desert vehicle license and permission to transport passengers for hire, experienced and professional, courteous drivers who will make your trip an empowering experience.

each wheel

Full support for mountain bikers from the beginning of the ride to the end, an information point and refreshments at no cost to the riders.
Professional repair workshop, quality mountain bike rental, V.I.P rider pickup with pampering layouts.
Accompaniment from a group and technical support for riders, transportation of riders by a local riding guide.


abseiling trips; A world full of wonderful experiences, magical moments, breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary photos and sublime feelings that are engraved deep in the soul. In the area there is an impressive variety of routes and surfing sites suitable for the new and the experienced, the young and the mature. Surfing and climbing cliffs, canyoning routes, salt cave, night trip and more. You are invited to choose the most exciting routes and go on an unforgettable experience.


Inbal Arazi Tour Guide


Inbal Arazi Tour Guide

Accommodation in a double bed and breakfast

Accommodation in the villa