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Bicycle tours in the field

The Judean Desert and the Dead Sea

קבוצת רכיבה בשטח של אופניים

Arad of the Dead Sea through Nahal Bokek and up to Yizrah:

A 4-hour route where milestones are Mount Kina, Rosh Zohar observation point, Bokek stream, Bokek waterfall. attractions bRoute - desert singles from Bokek waterfall up to Yizrah including a short walk of about 15 minutes.


Single Arad-Neva Zohar:


The 65 kilometers of the Arad-Neva Zohar single track start at the Moab observatory in Arad, with a sharp downward descent marked blue (the Israel Bicycle Trail), which provides us with an especially easy and enjoyable start.

Arad - Masada - Ein Bokek:


March towards the village of the nodes, from there on the road to Ma'ale Ben Yair. On the way beautiful views of the citadel. From there, enter Nahal Rahaf Hatton and climb the new Israel Trail singletrack, to the viewpoints of Maale Yair and Ein Bokek. We will continue on Nahal Persa and go up again on Nahal Bokek single. to road 31. From there we will go down the road to Neve Zohar and finish in Ein Bokek.


איור המדמה אדמה
איור המדמה פרח
איור המדמה אדמה
איור המדמה פרח
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